"If there was an award for most beautiful venue then the White Tent would get it.
A perfect little white dome made of wood and canvas ... It makes us feel happy to simply sit in it." The Scotsman

Nicole & Martin and their travelling wooden and red-shiny convoy visit towns, cities and villages, and are committed to reaching audiences in those rural locations who do not have regular access to theatre. So they bring one with them. The Company travel with their own theatre that they put up everywhere they go. It seats from 330-350.

All of the shows are created to be played in this venue. The very name already gives us some clues; white, pure, empty, a fresh blank canvas each time, the White Tent is put up in every location as an empty space for the new performance. In each new place a beautiful wooden construction grows up around the circular stage, including bright red wooden benches for the audience. The audience and the performers share this space, a perfect way of allowing something amazing to take shape amongst them: Theatre!